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Web Push Notifications

Push notifications have to be disabled at an application level within your own browser settings. Dosage Daily does not have access to your own personal settings so these must be removed yourself by following the instructions provided below. Further information and screenshots can also be found here.

1. Unsubscribe From Chrome Notifications

If you’re referring to the chrome notifications that pop-up in windows or on your mac, you need to remove these from your browser yourself by following these instructions here.

Desktop Instructions

1  Open
2  Click the padlock icon on the left of the address bar
3  Next to “Notifications” select “Block” from the dropdown menu

Mobile Instructions

1  Open the Chrome app on your phone.
2  To the right of the address bar, tap More More and then Settings.
3  Tap Site Settings and then Notifications.
4  At the top, turn the setting on or off.

2. Unsubscribe From Safari Notifications

Instructions for removing these notifications from Safari can be found here.

Email Newsletter Subscriptions

To unsubscribe, click on the “Unsubscribe” button in the bottom of the newsletter.

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